Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty period & Covered items
The institution is responsible for the warranty for an entire year from issuing the invoice for the cameras, lenses, memories and devices agreed upon and shown on the invoice and a six-month for the electric and wireless flashes.

All parts connected to electricity are excluded from the warranty, for example, (batteries, charging adapters, chargers, cables) 

Our warranty does not include defects caused by normal wear and tear, damage caused by accidents, misuse, negligence, fire, contact with liquids or other external causes, damage due to failure to comply with the instruction manual, damage caused by use in combination with another product, impaired function as a result of updating external software, damage caused by the maintenance performed by someone who has not been approved by us, if the product has been rebuilt or has been changed or has been subjected to electrical surges from, for example, thunderstorms.

Maintenance & Repair

The institution is the designated place for repairing any equipment malfunction during the warranty period. The customer is obligated to bring his equipment to the institution or according to the agreement.

Return & Exchange

The sold equipment is not refundable or returned but can be exchanged within 24 hours for the same value. It must be in the original, unopened, unaltered package with all its contents and good condition and excluded from the exchange: (cameras, lenses, flashes, and audio devices).

The company's terms and conditions apply.