Now all outdoor lights and studio flash, each brand is known to have 1/8000s. But all photographers also know that the flash output is less than half when shutter speed at high speed. For example: using 1/8000s at 300W full power, the actual output is less than 150W. In order to solve this problem, we have to buy a few lights to achieve enough power. Many imported brands of outdoor flash can only through improving the flash wattage to achieve the desired power. Then wattage is weight. Taking picture outdoor only portability is easy, now VISICO5 solves this problem.

With cooperation of skilled technicians in Germany, we have produced the first full output high speed HS outdoor flash light . The high stability of flash output, TTL metering, 1/8000s high-speed 400W lighting, light weight, CRI95 high color renderingflash, number of European regulatory certifications.

Whether it is flying in the air, swim in the water, blowing in the wind, against the sun and high endurance force, it is only a good light can help you get a great photo; high CP value is always what we emphasize!


  • Model No : VISICO5
  • Output power : 400W
  • Guide No.(2m, ISO100)1/60 reflector SF-610 : 68
  • Output control range : 1/128-1/1
  • LED modelling lamp : 13W
  • Color temperature(in constant color temperature mode) : 5600±200K
  • Flash duration(not in constant color temperature mode) : 1/650-1/10000s
  • Flash mode : ETTL/M/Multi
  • Stroboscopic flash : number of flashs 20,frequency 30Hz
  • Flash exposure compensation(FEC) : ±5 f-stops in 1/3 increment (in TTL mode)
  • Sync mode : high speed sync (up to 1/8000s),first curtain sync,second curtain sync
  • 2.4G radio channel : 1,2,3,4 four channel
  • Controllable group : A,B,C three groups
  • Sync trigger : 3.5mm sync cord/VC-818TX(optional)
  • Fan :yes
  • Beep : yes
  • Lithium capacity : 11.1V,6000mAh
  • Charging voltage : 100-240V~50/60Hz,12V DC
  • Power indicator : yes
  • Full power flashes : 500
  • Recycling time : 0.01-2.8s

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VISICO 5 400w TTL Studio wireless Flash for Canon

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  • Product Code: VISICO 5 400w TTL Studio wireless Flash for Canon
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